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Culvert Sewer Repair

EagleLIFT repaired the culvert sewer in Glendale, CA. Read more about it here and our other completed projects. Contact us for more information today!

Sewer Repair Glendale California.

Project Challenges

The 130 foot long culvert ran on an angle, approximately 30’ below grade in a north south direction. Over time, the stream had begun to erode the base soils beneath the culvert creating a void along the base and sides. The concern was that the weakening and erosion of these base soils would eventually lead to subsidence and/or shifting of the culvert and deflection at the surface where there were future plans for construction.

EagleLIFT was chosen for the following reasons. First, all work could be completed with zero excavation and no disruption to the surroundings on the surface. Secondly, laboratory testing of the material used proved that it maintains its integrity for more than 10 years with no shrinkage or degradation. Recent studies of other one-part grouts found that conventional grouts are significantly impacted by the factor of time and “wet/dry” cycles.


Solutions and Results

Our Deep Stratum Injection™ service was used by the City of Glendale to void fill and stabilize a local culvert. This unique process relies on the expansive properties of a two-part expanding resin system (an expansion co-efficient of twenty to one) and a quick cure (25 second cure time), to seal and void fill while stabilizing weak soils around the structure.


The two-part polymer material is injected from within the culvert through five-eighths inch diameter holes drilled through the sidewalls of the culvert. The hydro-insensitive material then expanded and travelled the path of least resistance filling any voids and essentially encapsulating the bottom half of the culvert.


The injection process took three days to complete with all voids filled and soils stabilized. The process was quick, clean extremely cost effective, and will certainly maintain and prolong the lifespan of the two culverts.

All parties were very pleased with the work done, the short length of time it took to successfully complete the project and the cost savings that resulted from hiring EagleLIFT.