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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

EagleLIFT provides sewer manhole rehabilitation and trenchless sewer repair utilizing polyurethane chemical grout injection in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The injection process is trenchless, fast, and cost-effective.

Why Manhole Restoration?

Manholes have played a pivotal role in the daily function of communities for centuries. They provide ventilation for and access to underground sewer systems, where technicians make connections, perform inspections, and undertake maintenance on buried cables, valves, panels, wires, pipes, and other essential equipment.

Many of these utility holes are constructed from brick and mortar or concrete, however, and begin to deteriorate when impacted by moisture intrusion and soil movement. Polyurethane chemical grout is ideal for sewer manhole repair for concrete manholes. The polymer moves aggressively throughout any voids around the manhole or joints. The polymer will seal any cracks or joint separation against groundwater infiltration or soil loss.

Extend sewer system infrastructure lifespan with concrete & brick manhole rehabilitation services from EagleLIFT, a full-service ground-engineering solutions leader. Utilizing a fast, cost-effective, and trenchless polyurethane chemical grout injection process, we can keep vital underground utilities operating for years to come with minimal disruption to the roadways, businesses, and residential communities atop them. EagleLIFT’s trenchless sewer repair services can be used on both storm and sanitary sewer systems.  The polyurethane chemical grout is environmentally inert and is unaffected by environments where contamination, microbial corrosion (MIC), or high acid levels are present.  Additionally, the polymers do not leech chemicals and can be injected directly into groundwater or highly saturated environments without affecting environmental quality.



The polyurethane chemical grout is hydrophobic. This means that it is not affected by standing water and will push away water as it expands and sets. This makes the polymer ideal for manhole repairs because it can seal and encapsulate the manhole against inflow and infiltration while also preventing further erosion of the support soils around the manhole.

Our proprietary polyurethane chemical grout travels into the soil strata and begins to expand immediately within 15-30 seconds after injection. It binds soil media fines together and mitigates inflow, infiltration, and leakage of water. While safe, simple to inject, and quick to set, the polyurethane chemical grout is also hydrophobic. It’s not impacted by standing water and will push away moisture as expanding. Other benefits of our polyurethane chemical grout include:

  • Expands up to 25 times its initial volume
  • Halts further soil settlement
  • Increases a soil’s weight-bearing capability

Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation Process

The EagleLIFT rehabilitation process works by injecting a high-density, structural polyurethane chemical grout into the base soils surrounding an impacted manhole through 3/4” metal rods. Once injected, the polyurethane chemical grout expands through all of the voids and into the soil. This works to:

  • Fill voids
  • Stabilize soils
  • Seal cracks
  • Connect Leak seal misaligned joints

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