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Infrastructure Rehabilitation Services

Our trenchless infrastructure and culvert rehabilitation services are ideal for public works managers, engineers, municipalities and state agencies in California, Nevada, and Arizona. We minimize downtime, maximize budgets, and extend the infrastructure lifecycle with innovative no-dig solutions.

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Solving your Infrastructure issues

At EagleLIFT, our goal is to solve your infrastructure issues, and not just offer short-term repairs. That means inspecting the problem and determining its root cause before quickly taking action. We then inject a high-density structural polyurethane through the impacted structure and into base soils, where it quickly moves throughout the aggregate and expands, filling voids and compacting grounds before curing into a solidified support system.

A variety of factors contribute to infrastructure degradation. Our innovative polyurethane injection process is ideal for use on public works and infrastructure assets impacted by the following:

We specialize in the rehabilitation of the following infrastructure types:

Culvert Rehabilitation Services

Culverts are subjected to deterioration through weathering and erosion over the years. As your culvert rehabilitation depends on the type of deterioration and root cause of the problem, we will perform a site-specific analysis of the area and provide you with the best possible solution. With reliable soil compaction and densification solutions, we can strengthen weak or loose soil strata, level concrete, and restore load-bearing capacity without damaging assets or the environment. Our infrastructure rehabilitation services are ideal for public works managers, engineers, municipalities, and state agencies. We minimize downtime, maximize budgets, and extend the infrastructure lifecycle with innovative no-dig solutions. Give us a call to learn more about our foundation culvert replacement services.

What is the Polyurethane Injection Process?

Polyurethane grout is a hydro-insensitive plural component grout that expands as a consequence of a chemical reaction. The two-part grout sets and alters the physical properties of a geologic mass, traveling through a soil profile initially by permeation and then by densification due to an expansive exothermic reaction.  The polyurethane grout binds as a closed-cell formation and has expansive qualities of 15 to 22 times the initial volume.  The advantage of polyurethane is that it is not as sensitive as permeation grout in regards to soil conditions.  It is not dependent on moisture and is still effective in highly saturated environments.  Additionally, polyurethane’s cure time is fast, setting up to 90% density in 15 minutes whereas permeation grout requires approximately 24 hours in optimal situations.

Our polyurethane injection process for infrastructure rehabilitation utilizes a fully self-contained injection rig with a 60kW diesel generator set, a 5hp 23 CFM air compressor, and a refrigerated dryer/regulation system.  The systems use double diaphragm feed pumps and an impingement-style gun. The ½” diameter steel tubing is driven down to discrete injection elevations.  The multiple injection elevations result in stacked spheres of polymer with the tubing being sacrificial upon completion of the injection.  The tubing can be angled for void fill or centerline foundation repairs.  Due to the highly expansive qualities of the two-part chemical grout, monitoring for movement is required using a laser level.


Culvert Repair Projects

Foundation Repair California, Nevada, and Arizona

Keep your community moving forward with cost-efficient yet long-lasting trenchless infrastructure repair and culvert rehabilitation services from EagleLIFT. We have offices in Ontario, CA, Concord, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Rialto, CA. EagleLIFT is a Class “A” General Engineering Contractor and holds SB, SBE, and DVBE certifications and services in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

We are a solutions-oriented ground-engineering firm with more than two decades of experience revamping and restoring pavement and concrete structures using fast-acting, non-disruptive, and environmentally inert polyurethane injection techniques that work to:

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Download Free Foundation Repair Guide

Dealing with foundation problems can be stressful. Something that can help is being aware of the signs of foundation settlement and educating yourself on the basics of foundation repair technologies. This guide will show you the most common foundation problems and the repairs that are most likely to be recommended by foundation contractors.