Kyle Olsen

Manager, Engineering Department

Kyle Olsen is the Manager of the Engineering Department of EagleLIFT, Inc. and also facilitates Sales and Production training.

The responsibilities of the Engineering Department include jobsite inspections, coordinating Engineers and facilitating permit submittals, coordinating changes from the approved plans from the original sale, and closing out projects with the city’s final signoff, and reconciliation of engineering retainers. The focus of this department is to ensure the project is designed, executed, and closed out in accordance with applicable building codes, and proper engineering practices. A portion of this includes installation of Test Piers to profile soils and confirm footing conditions, as well as Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) Testing to check relative soil density. The Engineering Department is also undergoing a drive to help create new processes with newer technologies, and ensure the proper testing measures are taken to bring compliance with all applicable Building Codes.

As a trainer, Kyle is responsible for first teaching theory, then design to both Production and Sales representatives. It’s important for our crews to know not only how to install the products we utilize, but also why they are installing this particular product and the both the nature and limitations of each product. This way, they can also educate the clients as much as the Sales representatives have already done so, and create a unique understanding of the problems and solutions to allow for easier, more effective troubleshooting while on-site. As always, safety is one of the top priorities, so the beginning stages of Production Training include OSHA training, and in-depth training of our IIPP program and other safety-related topics. Sales representatives move on to learn both design and sales approach. “Sales” techniques are not strictly enforced, but more of an educational approach to let clients know what all of their options are, but also the advantages and limitations of each unique design. That’s what makes EagleLIFT unique; our staff focuses on educating the clients so they can make an informed decision, and our sales representatives never abandon a project when the sale is made- they’re there for the clients from the beginning, through the work, and all the way through the end of the job.

As that portion of all job descriptions at the very bottom and in fine print that reads “anything else that is required of me to help this company progress”, Kyle serves as a crew member, a foreman, and sometimes even a sales representative. Largely outgoing and very lively, he brings an energy to the department he hopes will reverberate through the company.

Kyle lives in North Fontana, where he spends his time writing books, and training in the Martial Arts. He has been a practitioner of Kung Fu San Soo for over 20 years, and fought in MMA tournaments for over ten years. When he’s not working out or writing books, you will often find him with his family, who are also active outdoorspeople. “I really have to thank my mom for taking care of me when my dad passed away.” Kyle said. “My brother and I, 11 and 9 respectively, needed outlets and she had us kayaking and hiking and canyoneering and bike riding…she used to do triathlons and had an active lifestyle that resonated with us.”

Kyle’s short-term goals are to pay off his mother’s home, but his dreams lie further in the community. He says “people ask me ‘why Foundation Repair? Why work like this when I’m so passionate about fighting?” That’s simple- fighting is for me. But my work is for other people. You don’t get true fulfillment servicing yourself- that has to come from serving others.” With that, his hopes are to achieve enough success that he can give back to the community through his own resources, and to touch the lives of as many people as he can.


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