Skyline Parc Multi Residential Building Settlement

Slab Lift, Void Fill and Deep Injection Soil Stabilization to Repair Multi-Residential Apartment Building Settlement

Pool Wide Crack

Project Challenges

Client:   Skyline Parc Apartments
Location:   Las Vegas, NV
Project Summary: Slab Lift, Void Fill and Deep Injection Soil Stabilization of Multi-Residential Apartment Building

The Skyline Parc apartments in Las Vegas, NV was experiencing severe building settlement due to poor site drainage that was washing our foundation soils along the back perimeter of the building. The poor drainage caused settlement of nearly 9 inches and needed to be repaired quickly.

EagleLIFT was contacted by SFA Engineers to determine that Deep Injection would be a good fit for lifting and stabilizing the building and the adjacent pool deck.

Solutions and Results

Deep Injection was an ideal fit for soil stabilization and lifting the foundation for this job.  The reason is that voids were found throughout the building perimeter and the soils were loose and needed to be stabilized to prevent further washout.

The approach used injection locations at every 4 feet.  With this plan, the polymer would expand and densify the soil.  This would create upward movement and help lift the structure.  Additionally, the soils were stabilized and the voids were filled, preventing any future building settlement.

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