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Revitalizing School Grounds: Summer Checklist for Foundation Repair

EagleLIFT, Inc. prides ourselves on providing fair pricing and professional services to help complete your projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Contact us!

Revitalizing School Grounds: Summer Repair Checklist

Maintenance during summer break is important for schools to address any necessary repairs, cleaning, and improvements. The break allows for major projects to take place without interrupting educational activities. EagleLIFT can help you complete those foundation repair, concrete leveling, and infrastructure sealing projects quickly and cost-effectively! Below are good evaluation techniques for understanding problems that may need to be addressed. 

School Grounds Concrete Checklist

How do you know if your school grounds are in need of repairs? Here are some common signs of damage and where to look for them. 


Uneven sidewalks can cause tripping hazards for students and faculty.


  1. Sidewalks: Unlevel cracks where the concrete slabs meet could be a tripping hazard for your students and staff. The people making their way in or around your building could be at risk for injury. 
  2. Outdoor Facilities: Any outdoor structures made up of concrete may be subject to weather and erosion, as well as normal aging. Be sure to include in your walkthrough all outdoor facilities that use concrete like basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, outdoor patios, courtyards, parking lots. Check for signs of damage like concrete cracking or sinking, potholes, water that gathering into puddles where it should be dry, or pieces of concrete breaking off. 
  3. Structural: Focus on the details you may ignore during the school year rush. Check for doors that get stuck in the frame when you open them, windows that won’t close correctly, uneven floors, or cracking in between bricks or cinderblocks that look like stairsteps. These issues could be caused by a damaged foundation. 


Parking lots, large concrete pads, pickup lanes, and roads are all susceptible to settlement and soil loss.


If you see any of these signs of damage during the walkthrough, take photos and make a note of the location where you noticed the damage. That will make it easier for your team to relay your school's needs to experts when reaching out for estimates and consultations. 

We Can Help with Your Project Evaluation

One of the first items we can help you with is assessing the problem and determining repair solutions. We will gladly send out a representative to do a grounds walkthrough and identify problem areas. If an engineer is needed, we work with some of the most well-regarded engineers to do site surveys, soil samples, and design to ensure you are getting the right repair.


We can help you evaluate damage severity, problem sources, and appropriate repair options for your school grounds.


Estimation and Contracting Concerns?

EagleLIFT is a Class "A" General Engineering Contractor, which means we can operate as the single point of contact, such as engineering and subcontractors, for the entire project. We pride ourselves on providing fair pricing and professional services to help complete your projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Problems We Address

As a geotechnical and foundation repair contractor, we work on a variety of foundation and soil-related issues. This breaks down to foundation issues, settling concrete, trip hazards, leaky underground infrastructure, settling parking lots, and void stabilization. We address these problems with a variety of tools, from steel underpinning to chemical grout injection. Here's a list of potential applications that may be useful for your school facilities: 

  • Foundation Repair and Lifting
  • Concrete Slab Leveling
  • Soil Compaction and Stabilization
  • Trip Hazard Mitigation
  • Manhole and Lateral Line Joint Sealing
  • Culvert Repair

In conclusion, we're here to help you complete that summer break checklist. If you have concerns that you would like to address, please contact us today and we'll have a representative come help!

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