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Residential Foundation Underpinning

A foundation is the most significant aspect of a house. When set on a solid base, a structure has the support needed to maintain its integrity and stand for decades upon decades. A sinking foundation, however, can lead to extensive damage and unsafe environments for your family. We offer foundation underpinning & repair services for all residential properties in California and Nevada.

residential foundation underpinning

Whether your foundation is failing, you are renovating an aging structure, or natural events have caused your building to weaken or shift, EagleLIFT provides best-in-class structural reinforcement and residential foundation underpinning services. Our professionally trained foundation repair experts specialize in lifting and leveling foundations, preventing foundation settling, and stabilizing buildings of all sizes.

Our Push Pier System permanently stabilizes your home’s foundation and offers the best opportunity to lift your home back to level without the expense and disruption of a full foundation replacement. If you’ve detected cracks, uneven floors, jamming doors, or windows that stick, then you may be witnessing the signs of the settling foundation.

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  • Eco-friendly process and materials meet today’s high environmental requirements
  • Low impact, non-destructive repair keeps asset value high
  • No loud jack-hammers and large amounts of dust and debris
  • Proven, the stable, long-term solution supports value upon resigning tenant
  • Drastically reduce liability concerns surrounding trip hazards and building contractual obligations

As a Class A-licensed general contractor, we can provide a full suite of soil stabilization and foundation repair engineering solutions to clients of all sizes. All projects our teams take on are skillfully designed, and the soils they address and expertly vetted. Full underpinning services include:

Our Push Pier systems utilize high-strength steel pier sections that are hydraulically driven through heavy-duty steel foundation brackets to reach deep down to competent load-bearing strata. The piers have the ability to reach far below the problem soils and do not rely on friction for capacity. Used in both residential and commercial applications, pier installation can be completed year-round without the major disruption of other methods. These Piers effectively stabilize settling foundations and provide the best opportunity to lift your home back to a level position.

EagleLIFT is the leading polyurethane injection process contractor throughout all of California and Nevada. We have over 25 years of experience applying two-part polyurethane for concrete foundation lifting, stabilization, and rehabilitation. Keep your structure on stable ground with EagleLIFT. For additional information on our residential foundation repair services, give us a call.


Keep your community moving forward with quality residential foundation underpinning services from EagleLIFT. Our professionally trained foundation repair experts specialize in lifting and leveling foundations, preventing foundation settling, and stabilizing residential homes of all sizes throughout the states of California and Nevada.

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Download Free Foundation Repair Guide

Dealing with foundation problems can be stressful. Something that can help is being aware of the signs of foundation settlement and educating yourself on the basics of foundation repair technologies. This guide will show you the most common foundation problems and the repairs that are most likely to be recommended by foundation contractors.