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Sacramento Road & Street Repair

Learn about projects EagleLift has been working on including the road repair done in Sacramento, CA using polyurethane foam jacking. Contact the EagleLIFT team!

Asphalt Lifting in California.

Project Challenges

Various concrete slabs which make up this highway have settled over the years creating dips in the road. This settlement has not only occurred at bridge abutments but also in mid-highway slabs which have been previously doweled with steel bars. Settlement of the slabs usually ranges from 1/4” to 3” in the worst areas. Traditional repairs would have involved excavation of the entire slabs and re-pouring of new slabs. This is not generally feasible due to a number of reasons such as lane closures which would disrupt traffic flow, time to complete the project and cost effectiveness.

EagleLIFT has been repeatedly chosen for a number of reasons such as the 10yr warranty against any shrinkage or deterioration, minimal disruption to traffic, no added overburden to the already suspect base soils and a project cost that was a fraction of any alternative.


Solutions and Results


EagleLIFT injects our patented polymer resins, which expand to aggressively void fill and stabilize the weak base soils, effectively densifying and compacting the soils. Once injected, the resins expand 20 times their liquid volume, filling any voids and creating an extremely controllable lifting force of approximately 15 tons/sq.ft. Once the resins have compressed and densified the sub-grade, lifting takes place until the concrete highway slabs are lifted back to their original elevation. The picture to the left shows the amount of lift required before injections.


EagleLIFT has worked very closely with the officials to develop and refine the lifting process for the various issues they have been faced with. These include bridge abutments, mid-highway slabs and even steel doweled slabs. The structural resins reach 90% of their compressive strength within 15 minutes allowing for immediate use of the slab after treatment. The slab pictured to right shows the result after the highway slabs was lifted 1.5”. The highway officials have been extremely pleased with the work done, the short length of time it takes to successfully complete the projects and the cost savings that resulted. EagleLIFT looks forward to continuing their relationship with the Highway officials for slab lifting and soil densification.