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Marriott Parking Lot & Garage Parking Repair in Phoenix AZ

Learn about projects EagleLift has been working on including the parking lot repair project for the Marriott Hotel located in Phoenix, AZ. Contact us today!

A large, heavily reinforced parking garage ramp slab had settled approximately 3″

Project Challenges

Removal and replacement of the slab was unacceptable due to the cost and the high disruption factor to the parking garage traffic. EagleLIFT was chosen for a number of reasons, such as a 15-minute curing time, virtually no disruption to vehicular traffic, and a project cost that was approximately 50% less than removal and re-pouring of the slab.


Solutions and Results

EagleLIFT, Inc. drilled small 5/8” holes (size of a penny) and injected the patented polymer resins, which expand and lift the settled areas in a matter of minutes. Once injected, the resins expand to 20 times their liquid volume and create an extremely controllable lifting force of approximately 5 tons/sq.ft. Once the resins had compressed and densified the sub-grade, the ramp slab was lifted all the way back to its original elevation. The image to the left shows the settlement that had taken place.

 EagleLIFT, Inc. was able to lift the sunken slab back to its original elevation in approximately 2 hrs total. The structural resins reach 90% of their compressive strength within 15 minutes, allowing for immediate use of the slab after treatment. The slab was lifted almost 3” in altogether, with the final work pictured to the right. The reason for the accuracy is that the our polymers do NOT depend on the pumping pressure, as some of the conventional methods do, but rather on the expansion rate of the resin. All parties were very pleased with the work done, the short length of time it took to successfully complete the project, and the cost savings that resulted.