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Polyurethane Foundation Lifting Services

Rehabilitate your sunken concrete structures with high-value, non-invasive polyurethane lifting services from EagleLIFT. A top ground-engineering firm in California and Nevada, we specialize in providing effective and fast-acting soil stabilization solutions at an affordable price.

EagleLIFT’s concrete structure lifting technique

Simple to manufacture, versatile and tough, concrete is a widely used construction material. Standard concrete slabs typically weigh 150 pounds per square foot, while high-density ones can be twice as heavy. Loads this substantial and other environmental factors can strain base soils enough that they begin to compress, which is detrimental to any structure’s viability.

While traditional sunken concrete rehabilitation methods require extensive downtime as crews and equipment remove impacted areas and excavate and grade base soils before pouring new concrete, there is a better way of returning concrete structures to their intended positions. Specially formulated structural polyurethane foams have the strength to push once-sunken slabs back to level ground in a matter of seconds, and once cured they are durable enough to stop sinkage for years to come.



Quick to set and with an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, the structural polyurethane foams we use have a variety of benefits. Examples include:

  • Expands up to 25 times its initial volume
  • Unaffected by standing water
  • Displaces trapped water
  • Not compromised by wet conditions during or after installation
  • Not impacted by contamination, microbial corrosion and or high acid levels


EagleLIFT’s polyurethane foundation lifting services utilize concrete structure lifting technique uses the impacted slab as a means to fix itself. Our highly skilled technicians drill ¾” holes through the slab and into supporting base soils in pre-determined locations. A metal rod is inserted into each hole, and the high-density structural polyurethane is injected. The polymer moves quickly throughout the aggregate and expands, curing into a strong, stable, and long-lasting replacement base material. Benefits of this process include:


  • Increases load-bearing capacity
  • Pushes out moisture
  • Stabilizes soils
  • Stops settlement
  • Seals cracks
  • Connects misaligned joints
  • Strengthens durability
  • Bolsters deformation resistance
  • Increases stability
  • Reduces permeability

Sinkage Causes

A range of manmade and environmental factors can contribute to concrete structure sinkage. Common causes include:

  • Settling
  • Sinking
  • Cracking
  • Inadequate support soils
  • Wet or marshy environments
  • Slopes
  • Construction-related soil disturbance

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The polyurethanes are inert, and are neither chemically nor biologically reactive and will not decompose. The following applications can benefit from EagleLIFT’s polyurethane lifting services:



At EagleLIFT, every job is essential. We have obtained a Class A license, and our team members are first-choice polyurethane lifting service providers to clients of all sizes across California and Nevada. The techniques and products our highly trained technicians use depend on what tasks our clients need to be handled and the type of substrate they face. We will meet with your team to learn about your situation and determine the best action plan.

Get your concrete structure back on level ground with EagleLIFT. Contact us for further information on our polyurethane foundation lifting services.

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