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Injectable Barrier Wall Services

EagleLIFT provides a unique, innovative solution for all of California and Nevada by integrating an injectable barrier wall system to create subsurface curtain walls, retention walls, and grout barriers. A significant and costly challenge for environmental planners is the impact on the construction process when a contamination source is identified on or adjacent to a construction site. Due to the proximity of the groundwater to land surface in low-lying areas, the installation of shallow underground structures routinely requires the use of dewatering methods before installation.

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An Innovative, New Application

This innovative application involves our Deep Stratum Injection™ service of a geotechnical polymer in a strategic grid pattern as a means of restricting groundwater flow from one area to another by creating an injectable Barrier. This application may be implemented as a form of seepage control to remediate leakage around dams, dikes, levees, and water control structures, or as a means to control or contain the movement of contaminated groundwater from one area to another by reducing the transmissive properties of the surrounding soils

EagleLIFT’s injectable barrier wall services use rigid structural geotechnical polymers to provide a structurally solid solution that can be implemented in an expedient, post-construction manner. The ability to pump the grout along multiple injection points to solidify the structure and implement a congruous curtain for retention or solidification under the surface.

Chemical Grouting Applications

EagleLIFT’s Injectable Barrier wall system is an ideal solution for mitigating water seepage into Dams, Levees and construction zones. The wall is constructed in-situ, using a proprietary polymer injection application which creates a non-permeable layer of a polymer and soil aggregate. The material is highly dense and can withstand substantial hydrostatic pressure.

Our polymer Injection and soil stabilization process binds treated soils into a highly dense monolith that helps prevent settlement.  The polymer is hydro-insensitive, meaning that it is unaffected by water. Additionally, the increased weight-bearing capacity of the soil mitigates the potential for weight shifting and vibration to move the soils away from the foundation.

The polymer injection process additionally compliments other foundation repair solutions, such as helical piers, by ensuring the upper soil strata is compacted and binded, so the soils do not settle away from the anchors, nor the foundation.

When excavation is required, water can be the biggest inhibitor to progress. Dewatering the site, especially if contaminants are involved, can stall a project by months and create significant cost overruns.

Our Injectable Barrier Solution is a cost-effective approach to reduce water and contamination migration into excavation zones. In order to do this, we inject our proprietary expansive polyurethane in a multiple vertical and horizontal grid pattern whereby we create a highly dense layer of polymer and soil aggregate. The treated zone acts as a seepage barrier which restricts groundwater migration and allowing for construction to continue and the project to remain on schedule.

EagleLIFT’s polymer injection process is the ideal application for filling voids, soil compaction, soil densification, soil stabilization, and improving the weight-bearing capacity of soil.

Once injected the polymer moves throughout the soil in liquid form, aggressively seeking out voids and annular space in between the soil granules.  The polymer expands throughout the soil, densifying and binding the soil into a light-weight monolith. The soil’s weight-bearing capacity is greatly improved and the chances of future settlement is greatly reduced. Give us a call for more information on injectable retention walls and grout barriers. 


EagleLIFT provides injectable barrier wall solutions throughout all of California and Nevada by integrating an injectable barrier wall system to create subsurface curtain walls, retention walls, and grout barriers. Contact us today to learn more about our injectable barrier wall services. 

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