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Residential Foundation Stabilization Services

Homeowners have utilized EagleLIFT’s trusted services in developing an approach that targets the root cause of their structural problem. EagleLIFT has been executing successful residential foundation rehabilitations since 2004.

Residential Foundation Repair Services


Residential Foundation Lifting & Leveling Services

In your home, you may notice gaps between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling or the floor. It is possible that your appliances appear to be crooked when really it is your home foundation that needs to be addressed. At EagleLIFT, we work with our Residential customers on many different home foundation repair issues. As soil shifts and becomes unstable, it can affect many areas of your home and property. 

EagleLIFT, Inc.'s residential foundation stabilization services use push pier and injection technologies to accomplish lifting and stabilization of slabs and foundations. Using either one or a combination of these foundation repair technologies, we can accomplish the home foundation repair in an effective, efficient, and economical manner.

efficient and effective technologies

As a Class A Engineering Contractor, EagleLIFT stands apart from our competitors by utilizing efficient and effective technologies and methods. We have the ability to perform soil-densification, fill voids that threaten the integrity of a building, and lift and level a structure back to grade. EagleLIFT’s highly experienced crew achieves this by employing our polyurethane injection grouting technique; which is minimally invasive, cost-effective, can save time, and often times can be performed without excavation. By offering a comprehensive line of polymer resins and the expertise of our in-house engineers, EagleLIFT is able to customize individualized solutions for any application need. Give us a call for more information regarding our residential foundation stabilization services.

Our Residential Foundation Underpinning Services Include
We Recommend Being Proactive To:
  • Stop costly escalation of foundation problems
  • Avoid future damage to doors, floors, and windows
  • Maintain the integrity of your home
  • Preserve the beauty of your home
  • Restore/increase the value of your home
  • Produce a solid foundation for the future
  • Give you peace of mind

Residential Pier Installation

One way to address home foundation repair is to install piers. Once the piers are installed at the footing we then utilize the hydraulic lift process to provide a synchronized process. 

The 6 Steps of Foundation Piering

  • Step 1: Excavate to bottom of footing
  • Step 2: Prepare the footing for pier bracket
  • Step 3: Hydraulically push the pier to load bearing strata
  • Step 4: Cap piers, install lift cylinders, and lift to level
  • Step 5: Remove the lift cylinders
  • Step 6: Backfill the trench and cover the piers.

No foundation repair is the same and neither is a foundation repair company. When selecting a company, you need to be sure the company you use can provide all of the required services needed to repair your foundation in as cost-effective and efficient a manner as possible.
EagleLIFT is a full-service repair company that has in-house engineering, installation
teams and a full suite of repair options that other companies do not have. We are one of the longest standing foundation companies in the country with the resume and experience to make sure your repair is done right.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Foundation piers are one of the most reliable products for ensuring the lift and stabilization of a building foundation. Piers are so reliable, that EagleLIFT offers a 25-year warranty on its piering installation and design.


We proudly provide home foundation repair services in areas all of California and Nevada to meet your home foundation needs.

These areas include but are not limited to: Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette Corridor, Oakland, San Ramon, Danville, Daly City, Fremont, San Leandro, Walnut Creek, Concord, Antioch, Pleasanton, Livermore, Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Berkely, Richmond, Hayward, Alameda, Union City Santa Rosa, Tahoe, Novato, Napa, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, San Jose including Santa Cruz and Monterey, Merced, Fresno, Los Gatos, Union City, Cupertino, Saratoga, and Santa Clara..

Contact us to learn more about our residential foundation stabilization services. 

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Download Free Foundation Repair Guide

Dealing with foundation problems can be stressful. Something that can help is being aware of the signs of foundation settlement and educating yourself on the basics of foundation repair technologies. This guide will show you the most common foundation problems and the repairs that are most likely to be recommended by foundation contractors.