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Commercial Foundation Rehabilitation Services

EagleLIFT provides the most comprehensive foundation repair and foundation lifting services in the southwestern United States. We have a full suite of technologies to deal with nearly any situation of foundation settling, cracking, or foundation sinking. Our team has been performing foundation repair for over 20 years We are a Class A General Contractor and our experience is unmatched in California, Arizona, and Nevada

We repair the root cause of the issue

Compared to other foundation repair contractors, our foundation repair methods provide building owners and managers with cost-effective solutions on how to level a concrete slab. We provide repair solutions that repair the root cause of the issues, such as footer repair, sinking foundations, soil settlement, voids underneath the slabs, and foundation settlement. Our primary foundation repair solutions are by use of helical piles, push piers and the chemical grouting injection process. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to fix all root causes of a settling, sinking, or cracking foundation, including inadequate support soils, wet or marshy environments, slopes, etc.

Our commercial foundation stabilization services are adaptable to the foundation issue. This ensures that we repair the foundation with the most effective repair solution and with the most cost-effective approach. Whether you use chemical grouting for soil stabilization or piers to lift and anchor the footer, the problem will be fixed when EagleLIFT is done with it. The fact is, we make sure your foundation is fixed and the costs are managed to least impact your budget.


Our Foundation Repair Solutions include the following:

  • Concrete Leveling
  • Foam Jacking
  • Polyurethane Chemical Grout
  • Helical Piles and Push Piers
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Rocking Slabs
  • Home Foundation Repair
  • Slab Jacking
  • Footer Stabilization


Chemical Grouting Applications 

EagleLIFT is has specialized in Polymer Injection Chemical Grouting and Soil Stabilization for over 25 years in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Our Polymer Injection Process is a highly dynamic solution for foundation lifting, trenchless sewer repair, soil compaction, and densification, and soil stabilization.

The chemical grout and soil stabilization application is installed by injecting a high-density industrial grade polyurethane into the problem soils through 1/2″ metal tubes.  Once injected, the polymer moves throughout the soils in liquid form and then it reacts and begins to expand throughout the soil media, densifying and binding the treatment area.  The result is vastly increased weight-bearing capacity and of the soil that is protected from future settlement.

The chemical grouting polymers are hydro-insensitive, which means they can be injected in highly saturated environments. This means our polymers can be used for sewer repair and sealing, foundations where high groundwater is present, mucky or swampy environments, or for bulkheads or seawalls.

Our polymer Injection and soil stabilization process binds treated soils into a highly dense monolith that is protected against settlement.  The polymer is hydro-insensitive, meaning that it is unaffected by water. Additionally, the increased weight-bearing capacity of the soil mitigates the potential for weight shifting and vibration to move the soils away from the foundation.

The Polymer Injection Process additionally compliments other foundation repair solutions, such as helical piers, by ensuring the upper soil strata is compacted and bound, so the soils do not settle away from the anchors, nor the foundation.

Our chemical grout solution is ideal for lifting, stabilizing and/or realigning foundation slabs.  It is especially effective for void filling the upper strata soil layers of the foundation as well as lifting interior footings.

EagleLIFT’s polymer injection process is the ideal application for filling voids, soil compaction, soil densification, soil stabilization, and improving the weight-bearing capacity of the soil.

Once injected the polymer moves throughout the soil in liquid form, aggressively seeking out voids and annular space in between the soil granules.  The polymer expands throughout the soil, densifying and binding the soil into a lightweight monolith.  The soil’s weight-bearing capacity is greatly improved and the chances of future settlement are greatly reduced. 

Commercial Foundation Rehabilitation Throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona

EagleLIFT is the longest-standing provider of chemical grout injection applications throughout all of California, Arizona, and Nevada used for soil stabilization, trenchless sewer repair, and foam jacking. For more information on our commercial foundation rehabilitation services, give us a call

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Download Free Foundation Repair Guide

Dealing with foundation problems can be stressful. Something that can help is being aware of the signs of foundation settlement and educating yourself on the basics of foundation repair technologies. This guide will show you the most common foundation problems and the repairs that are most likely to be recommended by foundation contractors.