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Chemical Grouting Process

Strengthen loose soil strata with chemical grouting from EagleLIFT, leading full-service ground-engineering solutions firm in California and Nevada. Our chemical grouting process can stabilize base soils successfully, quickly and at an affordable price with little to zero interference with day-to-day activities at the impacted structure or job site.

Soil instability can cause significant structural problems during and after the building process. Structures built on sand, soft ground, fractious rock, and other terrain types not naturally suited to tolerate heavy loads can suffer from cracking, sinking and structural integrity deterioration. Our chemical grouting process utilizes high-density structural polyurethane, which is injected into base soils through 3/4” metal rods. The polyurethane quickly travels throughout the aggregate and enlarges, which acts to:

  • Bind soil media together
  • Fill gaps
  • Reduce permeability
  • Stop soil compression
  • Increase soil strength
  • Mitigate inflow, infiltration, and leakage of water


EagleLIFT’s chemical grouting process usings a chemical grout that is fast acting, nondestructive and environmentally safe. The polymer is neither chemically nor biologically reactive and will not decompose. Additional characteristics include:

  • Expands up to 25 times its initial volume
  • Unaffected by standing water
  • Increases a soil’s weight-bearing capability
  • Displaces trapped water
  • Not compromised by wet conditions during or after installation
  • Seals leaks and misaligned joints
  • Not impacted by contamination, microbial corrosion and or high acid levels


Our chemical grouting process has many advantages over other grouting methods, such as cement-based ones. Cementitious grouts are heavy, porous, dry unevenly, crack easier, wear faster and have minimal flexibility.


What Is Chemical Grouting?

Chemical grouting is the introduction and permeation of chemical grout fluid into base soils to produce stone-like masses that are capable of carrying loads of the structures above. Sometimes called permeation grouting, this process:


  • Improves soil strength
  • Bolters soil rigidity
  • Limits ground movement
  • Reduces soil vibration
  • Controls water flow

Ensure your soil is stable


Our highly trained technicians can easily inject chemical grout into spaces with limited access or where no structural connection to the foundation being underpinned is required. After injection, the soil will become more stable in a few minutes. The polyurethane material will cure into a strong, durable, and long-lasting replacement base material. This process allows:

  • Minimal to zero work area shutdowns
  • Crews can work during off-peak, nighttime or when employees are not on the floor
  • No soil excavation required

Our chemical grouting process is ideal for a wide range of applications. Examples include:

  • Future construction
  • Commercial foundations
  • Municipal infrastructure
  • Industrial or manufacturing facilities
  • Railways and Roadways
  • Dams and levees
  • Ports and Airports
  • Multi-family dwellings 


With more than 25 years of experience using polyurethane for concrete foundation lifting, soil stabilization, and structure rehabilitation, EagleLIFT is the top injection process provider throughout all of California and Nevada. We have obtained a Class A license and can provide a range of soil stabilization, foundation and trenchless sewer repair engineering solutions to clients of all sizes. All projects our teams take on are expertly designed, and the soils they address and thoroughly studied.

Ensure your soil is stable with support from EagleLIFT. For more information on our chemical grout injection services, give us a call.

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