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Home Case Studies Caltrans Ferry Dock Emergency Void Repair - Rio Vista, CA

Caltrans Ferry Dock Emergency Void Repair - Rio Vista, CA

Learn more about our recent case study on how EagleLIFT utilized polyurethane to fill voids at a ferry dock in Rio Vista, CA.

Project Challenges

• Ferry dock slab was undermined by wildlife causing significant void conditions to form

• Voids Ranged from 6” to 1’ throughout the entire 44’ x 24’ slab

• Ferry dry dock maintenance repairs were scheduled earlier than normal to ensure the repair could be completed

• Potential for service interruption was imminent

Design Approach

• Utilize EL003 Polymer to remediate the slab in the identified void areas

• This involved drilling 1/2” holes at the injection locations and inserting a 1/2” rod to the appropriate depth

• Afterward, injected structural polyurethane to compact, void fill, and stabilize the support soils


Project Support

• EagleLIFT was the General Contractor

• Design was a collaborative effort between the DOT4 regional engineer and EagleLIFT

• Voids were identified by Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


• Stabilized the dock in 3-shifts

• Minimized the downtime of the dock and restored service in one day

• Stabilized all voids throughout the slab, regaining required weight-bearing capacity and stability

• Worked in coordination with a drydock schedule