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Home Latest News EagleLIFT Receives Commendation for Work Performed at the Port of Los Angeles

EagleLIFT Receives Commendation for Work Performed at the Port of Los Angeles

EagleLIFT received commendation for work performed at the Port of Los Angeles. Read more about it here and other completed projects. Contact us today!

Ontario, CA – During the past month, our crews have been working at the Port of Los Angeles to perform underground void-filling and soil stabilization/compaction along a seawall using our proprietary polyurethane grout injection process. Yesterday, we were honored to receive a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ for the successfully completed project.

The letter, written by Shaun Shahrestani the Port’s Chief Harbor Engineer – Construction Division, stated:

“The EagleLIFT staff is professional, organized, and very pleasant to work with. Most importantly, Mr. (Cliff) Frazao is always willing to address the Port’s needs, has a deep knowledge and understanding of the material and engineering principles, and works cooperatively to solve potential concerns well before they could become problems.”

The project consisted of stabilizing 1300 Linear Feet of an old wood timber seawall. The seawall was experiencing deteriorating soil conditions caused by soil undermining beneath and through the seawall from decades of tidal shifts and subsequent soil movement. The subsiding soils were causing voids to form around the seawall and underneath the pavements they were supporting, leading to sinkholes and settlement of the overhead structures.


EagleLIFT worked with the Port and its engineers to implement its polymer injection process to stabilize the deteriorating soils, underseal the seawall, and return the load-bearing capacity back to the soil to mitigate future settlement. The below graphic displays the process:


The initial designs for the repair was the utilization of a compaction grout to voidfill, seal and stabilize the soils around the wall. The Port was experiencing a significant issue with the compaction grout design due to environmental concerns and its effectiveness around the existing utilities.  The compaction grout design required that a capture plan be implemented to ensure the grout would permeate into the surrounding environment.  With EagleLIFT’s polymers, there were no environmental concerns due to the controllable expansion and their environmentally inert nature.

Regarding access, the compaction grout had some access issues due to the existing utilities. In order to gain an effective enough permeation, the grout had to be injected using a 45-degree angle that avoided the utilities, but had limited ability to reach the voids and stabilize the soils. The holes required for compaction grouting were also large, and potentially damaging to the asphalt slabs. With EagleLIFT, our holes were ½” in size and the injections could be made around the utilities, ensuring optimal spread of the chemical grout.

Mr. Shahrestani’s letter continues:

“Mr. (John) Silva [EagleLIFT’s Project Superintendent] worked closely with the tenant to accommodate the tenant ship schedule and minimize disruptions to their operations. They performed the job under budget and met the aggressive completion schedule, while maintaining compliance with safety and environmental requirements.”

“I take pleasure in recognizing EagleLIFT, Mr. Frazao, Mr. Silva, and the crew for their excellent performance on the project. I highly recommend them for their competence, cooperation, professionalism, and outstanding level of performance in delivering this project at the Port of Los Angeles.”

About EagleLIFT, Inc.

EagleLIFT is a foundation repair and soil rehabilitation company based in Ontario, CA.  It specializes in foundation piering and polyurethane injection applications for seawall repair, foundation repair, soil compaction, subsurface barrier walls, and roadway and pavement lifting. EagleLIFT is a Class “A” General Engineering Contractor and holds SB, SBE and DVBE certifications and services California and Nevada.