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Healthy Spillways, Safe Communities

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Assess and Sustain Spillways with EagleLIFT’s Scan and Repair Process

Red-flags are being raised throughout California regarding the health of its spillways and flood control structures. The recent drought has left our spillways largely untested and, as we are finding out, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been compromised.
The task seems daunting in such a short timeline, but it may not be as complex as it seems.

EagleLIFT’s Scan and Repair approach is a cost-effective method for identifying issues and then repairing the problems quickly and cost-effectively. Firstly, detecting the problem is the main focus. For this, we utilize a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system to scan the entire spillway and determine if there are any voids present. If voids are present, we then fill the voids and stabilize the structure with our polymer injection application.

EagleLIFT specializes in restoring the weight-bearing capacity of soils using our patented Deep Stratum Injection™ service. This method of repair is done by injecting a high-density structural polyurethane into the problem zones in a specially designed
injection pattern that fills any present voids and densifies and repairs the soil for its designed use.

In addition to void detection and soil repair, EagleLIFT is also a class “A” General Contractor, so if any additional engineering or repair methods are required, we can bring on the contractor as needed to complete the rehabilitation. We also have
strong bonding capability, safety performance, and extensive experience in public works applications.