Videos of our Services and Applications

Below are a selection of videos that help present EagleLIFT’s services and the applications that they can be used for.

Foundation Repair

This video highlights the URETEK Deep Injection Process, a patented application that is used to lift and reinforce structures by injecting a high-density polyurethane into weak support soils.  The process, also referred to as chemical grouting, utilizes a unique patterned injection approach to gain optimal lift and structural support.

URETEK Deep Injection Video

Time-lapse display of a 12″ thick concrete slab being lifted over 10 inches using the URETEK Deep Injection Process.

12 Inch Warehouse Slab Lift Time-Lapse

This video highlights residential applications for the URETEK process used to lift foundations and stabilize support soils.

Residential Foundation Lift

The URETEK Deep Injection Process is a patented process designed to lift foundations, stabilize soils, leak sealing in culverts, manholes, and just about any type of infrastructure, including but not limited to residential houses, driveways, sidewalks, bridge approaches, freeways, railroads (See also URETEK ICR/EagleLIFT Railway Lift), and warehouses (to prevent rocking slabs or to raise and stabilize foundation).

URETEK Deep Injection

URETEK’s hydro-insensitive expanding polymers complete a surgical and precise lift of a mismatched joint in less than 40 seconds. For more information, go to

Surgical Slab Joint Alignment

Slab Lift and Leveling

EagleLIFT se especializa en el levantamiento y nivelación fundaciones sin excavación o romper la losa.

URETEK Floor Lift (In Spanish)

Industrial and Government Applications

The Port of Oakland was experiencing severe settling of their drive lanes which was impacting the operation of the overhead cranes.  The settling was primarily caused due the movement of heavy loads by the straddle carriers.  EagleLIFT helped stabilize these lanes and bring them back into operable condition.

Port of Oakland Drivelane Leveling and Stabilization

This video illustrates Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation by utilizing URETEK’s polymers for external encapsulation and sealing.

With over 85,000 successful projects and over 20 years experience using expanding polyurethane to rehabilitate America’s ailing infrastructure, URETEK is the industry inventor and pioneer in solving in infrastructure problems WITHOUT having to excavate and replace the asset…saving community tax payers substantial amounts of money.

Zero Excavation: URETEK Infrastructure Rehabilitation

URETEK stabilized and sealed a flood control outlet for the US Army Corps of Engineers in Houston, TX to help ensure a potentially hazardous situation did not occur during a flood event in Houston. The structure had water moving into cracks and separation, causing the erosion of support soils.

URETEK Addicks and Barker Outlet Flood Control Stabilization

This project was performed by URETEK Holdings in Florida. It required sealing a series of conveyance tunnels that were below the water table and leaking. Utilizing a high-density polyurethane, URETEK Holdings successfully stabilized and sealed the tunnels allowing Lafarge to avoid disruption to its operations.

LaFarge Gypsum - Tunnel Sealing