Trenchless Sewer Repair Arizona

Arizona Sewer Repair

Project Challenges

Client:   Arizona Municipalities
Location:   Arizona
Project Summary: Trenchless Sewer Repair Arizona infrastructure program

EagleLIFT, Inc. completed a series of projects in which public agencies throughout Arizona had called upon the use of a high-density polyurethane injection (HDPI) system to densify problem soils around underground infrastructure and lift sunken concrete structures back to their intended elevation.

In areas where previous asphalt repairs had been made and failed, reoccurring settlement was proven to be the result of unstable soils at depths greater than the previous repairs had rectified.

In some cases, the DCP results identified soil to be highly compressible and of little load-bearing capacity at depths from 0-15′ feet below grade.

Solutions and Results

As the sole licensee of this patented high-density polyurethane injection method in the states of California, Arizona and Nevada, EagleLIFT, Inc. was able to serve as a subcontractor to area companies already under contract with these owner-agencies.

The polyurethane injection system used by EagleLIFT only requires advancing 1/2″ injection tubes into the soil to accomplish proper soil densification, lift a foundation or pavement, and stabilize structures against settlement in the future.

In using this method of soil remediation the projects were analyzed and completed very quickly with minimal intrusion to the public’s use of the affected infrastructure.

What’s more, these projects are considered a permanent solution and cost the owner-agencies significantly less than conventional repair options.

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