Veteran Affairs Office Building Slab Lift and Foam Jacking

Project Challenges

Client:   Veteran Affairs Office Building
Location:   San Diego, CA
The Veteran Affairs office building in San Diego, CA was experiencing settlement issues with its interior slab. After DCP tests were performed in 3 different locations to determine if issues were direclty below the slab or at depth.  The test determined the existence of weak soils at 8 to 16 feet below surface. The building required a slab lift to get the floors back into a useful condition.

In order to deal with the slab settlement, EagleLIFT designed a soil stabilization slab lift approach utilizing a chemical grout injection process that densifies the soil upward.  The process is unique in that it requires no-excavation and a minimal footprint for stabilizing the slab.

Solutions and Results

The chemical grout injection process was performed by injecting the chemical grout at 9′, 12′ and 15′ depths.   The injection pattern stabilized the loose soil layer and increased its weight-bearing capacity.  After the soil layer was stabilized, EagleLIFT conducted the slab lift by injecting directly underneath the slab.

The project was completed in 3 shifts over a weekend with no interruption to the facilities operations. The floor was lifted the full 4 inches and the and the slab was lifted back to original grade. EagleLIFT worked with STSC Engineering to develop a design plan for this slab lift project.

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