Olinda Landfill – Channel Voidfill and Stabilization

Olinda Landfill Injections 2

Project Challenges

Client:   Olinda Landfill Channel Stabilization and Voidfill
Location:   Brea, CA
Project Summary: Drainage Channel Stabilization of the Olinda Landill
The Olinda landfill in Brea California was experiencing severe voids in its drainage channel voidfill and needed stabilization.  The area of the voids was approximately 560 linear feet.  The extent of the voids was unknown, as DCP tests would have pierced the moisture barrier at the center of the channel.

Solutions and Results

Channel Voidfill and Stabilization Solution

To stabilize the channel’s support soils and fill any present voids, EagleLIFT installed injection rods at 45 degree angles on 4ft centers.  The injection depths were at 5′ and 8′ to ensure any existing voids along the bottom of the channel were filled.


Voids were filled and extreme settlement and cracking of the channel was averted.

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