Multi Residential Slab Lift – Selmar, CA


Project Challenges

Client:   Multi Residential Slab Lift
Location:   Selmar, CA
Project Summary: Reinforce, Lift and Stabilize a post-tension slab

Heavy Rains caused washout under a post-tension slab that had yet to be tensioned, causing the slab to settle 3-inches. Based on Geotechnical engineer potholng data, weak soils were determined to be along an adjacent retaining wall and soil loss was recorded from the 3 building slabs all the way to the wall.

Solutions and Results

The goal of the project was to stabilize and densify the soils underneath the perimeter of the building to the retaining wall to lift the slab and allow the home builder to tension the post-tension slab.  We stabilized the soils using our deep injection process using a hydro-insensitive two-part chemical grout.

The injections were made on a 5ft grid pattern at 10′ and 5′ depths to stabilize the soils at depth and to create an upward lift to the slab.  The project was completed in 3 days and all three buildings were stabilized and lifted back to grade.  The contractor was able to tension the post-tension slabs and get the project back on schedule.

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