Home Depot San Francisco Concrete Lift

7 inch home depot


Client:   Home Depot
Location:   San Francisco, CA
Problem Summary:  12″ thick 32″x25″ hinge slabs settled more than 7.5″

Home Depot Chooses Patented Polymer Slab Lifting Technique to Lift Sunken Hinge Slabs.

Deep injection process was chosen by Home Depot to eliminate some settlement / ponding issues of various hinge slabs. These hinge slabs were approximately 32’x 25’ and were more than 12” in thickness. The slabs needed to be lifted an average of 7.5”.

The unique process of deep injection relies on the expansive properties of a two-part expanding resin system (an expansion co-efficient of twenty to one) and a quick cure (15 minute cure time), to lift and re-align while stabilizing weak soils beneath slabs on grade.


The two-part polymer material is injected through 5/8″ inch diameter holes drilled through the slabs. The resulting mixture polymerizes beneath the slab, creating minimal heat with optimum expansion. With this expansion, the material aggressively seeks out voids filling them while densifying surrounding soils and lifting the slab back to its original elevation eliminating the settlement.

This firm’s proactive approach and willingness to embrace new technology allowed EagleLIFT to work with company officials to address the settlement issues and possible solutions for it. This particular project exhibited the greatest problem to the client since re-pouring the slab would not only be costly, but also highly disruptive to daily operations

Home Depot San Francisco Concrete Lift Solutions and Results

The technicians drilled the 5/8” holes through the slab as a means of delivering the two part polymer to the underside of the slab. Because the material is self-propelled, the polymer expands to gain resistance from soils while aggressively filling voids. Once the voids have been effectively filled and the base soils compressed, the slab begins to lift.

Injections Successful:

EagleLIFT was able to lift 13 back to within 1/8” of their original elevation in approximately 4 shifts. The structural resins reach 90% of their compressive strength within 15 minutes allowing for immediate use of the slab after treatment. The reason for the accuracy is that the method does NOT depend on the pumping pressure, as some of the conventional methods do, but rather on the expansion rate of the resin. All parties were very pleased with the work done, the short length of time it took to successfully complete the project and the cost savings that resulted.

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