EagleLift Installs 25 Helical Piles for a Foundation Augmentation Helical Pile Seismic Upgrade Project for a Structure in El Segundo, CA

Segundo Piers Ad EagleLIFT

Project Challenges

Client:   Xerox Corporation
Location:   El Segundo, CA
Project Summary: Helical Pile Seismic Upgrade Project for a Structure in El Segundo, CA

The building in El Segundo was formerly occupied by Xerox Corporation, and the owners decided to convert the building into a mixed use facility or both commercial and residential use.

The original deep foundation plan specified 24” caissons to support the staircases, but the low head clearance eliminated this option. Helical piles were selected, and the (25) helical piles were installed to add support for staircases and interior columns. The helical piles also provided a seismic upgrade solution for the structure.

Solutions and Results

The helical piles consisted of a 2.00” RCS lead section with 8”,10”,12”,14” helix bearing plates. Following the lead section were 4.50” round shaft sections used to reach the 25 ft. average install depth.

The very low head clearance provided challenges for the crews as did some newly installed underground utilities. An open basement around two of the column pad areas required crews to wear fall protection gear during the installation.

A tension test was successfully completed to 2x the design load of 150 kips. The install work was tedious and time-consuming with having to deal with so many variables, but the project was successfully completed in (7) days.

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