Foundation Underpinning San Francisco Project

Helical piles installation for foundation underpinning San Francisco project

EagleLIFT provided the Fair Oaks West Apartments building with a helical piles for the foundation underpinning San Francisco project. This rennovation project was designed to rehabilitate and increase the load bearing capacity of the building.

Foundation Underpinning San Francisco

Project Summary

Client:   Fair Oaks West Apartments
Location:   San Francisco, CA
Project Summary: Building Foundation Underpinning San Francisco for upgrading an older building

When the decision was made to upgrade and expand the old structure, the structural engineer determined that underpinning the entire building was required in order to provide the necessary structural support before excavating could begin. Also, additional load bearing capacity was required to support the planned addition.

As with all new construction in San Francisco, seismic retrofitting is also a requirement.

Foundation Underpinning San Francisco Design

Before excavation could begin, EagleLIFT crews installed (61) 1.75” RCS helical piles with 8”,10”12” bearing plates to depths ranging from 20 to 60 feet. (55) of the helical piles were installed on the outside perimeter and (6) piles were installed on the interior. The ultimate load requirement for the piles was 83 kips, and the working load was 55 kips.

The helical pile installation project was successfully completed in 20 working days for this foundation underpinning san francisco project.

An interesting bit of anecdotal information – the helical piles were all installed just a couple of days prior to the Napa seismic event. The structure was examined closely, and the engineer determined there was no sign of movement or a change of any kind.

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