Caltrans – Ferry Loading Dock Ramp Void Fill

Caltrans - Ferry Loading Ramp Void Fill Project

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Project Challenges

Client:   Caltrans
Location:   Rio Vista, CA
Project Summary: Ferry loading ramp void fill project

Caltrans had a problem with one of its Ferry loading docks in Rio Vista, CA – it was being undermined by a family of beavers that had made a home underneath the boat ramp!  As strong as the ramp was built, the concrete would not be able to withstand the significant weight stess on its own, it would need adequate support soils to help in this ferry loading ramp void fill project.

The beavers had caused voids ranging from 6″ to 1′ throughout the 44’x24′ slab, and the voids needed to be filled and the weight-bearing capacity of the soil restored or there would be potential for service interruption. Caltrans contacted EagleLIFT to see if they could perform the ramp void fill so the dock could be solved.

Solutions and Results

Once the loading ramp void fill locations were determined by use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), EagleLIFT utilized the shallow surface chemical grout injection to fill the voids and densify the remaining soil.  Our polymer injection process is a unique application that allows for a high-density structural polymer to be injected underneath a structure with only 1/2″ holes in the slab. Once injected, the polyurethane seeks out the voids in liquid form and then it begins to expand through the void and the adjacent soil, creating a subsurface weight-bearing monolith.  EagleLIFT’s two-part chemical grout polymer was ideal for this application due to its hydro-insensitivity, quick set time and it being environmentally inert.

The Result
The loading ramp was stabilized in 3 shifts, minimizing the downtime of the dock and restoring service in one day. All of the voids were stabilized and the weight-bearing capacity of the concrete ramp was restored. All of this was done without harming one single Beaver!

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