Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation for California, Nevada and Arizona

Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation with Polyurethane Chemical Grout Injection

EagleLIFT provides sewer manhole rehabilitation and trenchless sewer repair utilizing polyurethane chemical grout injection. The injection process is unique in that it is trenchless, fast, and cost-effective.

Eaglelift sewer manhole rehabilitationThe sewer manhole rehabilitation process is a method where polyurethane is injected around the perimeter of the manhole. Once injected, the polyurethane chemical grout expands through all of the voids and into the soil. This process can be used for void fill, soil stabilization and sealing cracks.

The polyurethane chemical grout is also hydrophobic. This means that it is not affected by standing water and will push away water as it expands and sets. This makes the polymer ideal for manhole repairs, because it can seal and encapsulate the manhole against inflow and infiltration while also preventing further erosion of the support soils around the manhole.

Brick Manhole Rehabilitation for Sewer Manhole Repair
Brick manholes require special detail and attention when trying to rehabilitate. Whether you are trying to rehabilitate or decommission the structure, absolute care must be taken to prevent structural collapse while restoring the usefulness of the manhole structure.

EagleLIFT is the most experienced chemical grout contractor in California, Nevada and Arizona. We have over 25 years experience in chemical grout injection for sewer repair. Contracting with an inexperienced contractor may result in a blown out manhole and cause significant damage to the above structure.

Fixing Conncrete Manholes for Sewer Manhole Repair
Polyurethane chemical grout is ideal for sewer manhole repair for concrete manholes. The polymer moves aggressively throughout any voids around the manhole or joints. The polymer will seal any cracks or joint separation against groundwater infiltration or soil loss.

Joint Sealing for Sewer Manhole Repair
EagleLIFT’s polymer grout helps seal any leaking or misaligned joints. Once injected, the polymers will encapsulate the joints and stabilize the soils around the perimeter. The result is a grouted structure that is stabilized against leakage, infiltration, and further settlement.