Railroad Ballast Repair for California, Nevada and Arizona

Railroad Ballast Repair and Stabilization

EagleLIFT provides railroad and railroad ballast repar in California, Nevada and Arizona.  A Class “A” general contractor with over 20 years experience in providing repair and stabilization solutions for spolied and compromised railroad ballasts.  Utilizing the polymer injection process, we can revitalize existing railroad ballasts by binding the existing railroad base aggregate, thereby increasing its weight-bearing capacity and mitigating future settlement.

The process works by injecting the high-density, structural polyurethane into the base soils through 3/4” metal rods.  Once injected, the 2-part polymer moves throughout the aggregate and ballasts and then begins to expand and bind the aggregate together into a weight-bearing monolith.  The result is a substantially improved ballast, even in some of the worst of circumstances.

To learn a great bit more about the technical details, please refer to the “University of Wisconsin, College of Engineering Webinar on Railroad Ballast Stabilization” webinar given by Ground Works Solutions, with guest speaker James M. Tinjum, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison.