Foundation Repair and Lifting

EagleLIFT provides the most comprehensive foundation repair and lifting services in the southwestern United States. We have a full suite of technologies to deal with nearly any cause of foundation sinking, cracking or settlement.

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Foundation Underpinning

Foundation failing? EagleLIFT provides best-in-class structural reinforcement and foundation underpinning services.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Our Chemical Grout trenchless sewer repair solution, a process by which we inject a high-density structural polyurethane into the support soils along the perimeter of your lateral lines and manholes.

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Roadway Lifting and Stabilization

EagleLIFT has provided roadway lifting and stabilization services for municipalities and DOT departments in California, Nevada and Arizona for 20 years

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URETEK Polymer InjectionRailroad Ballast Repair3

Railroad Ballast Repair

EagleLIFT provides railroad and railroad ballast repar in California, Nevada and Arizona. A Class “A” general contractor with over 20 years experience in providing repair and stabilization solutions for spolied and compromised railroad ballasts.

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Caltrans loading dock California Slab Lift

Seawall Repair and Bulkhead Repair Services

EagleLIFT provides cost-effective seawall repair and bulkhead repair services that solves the issue of soil settlement and washout, avoiding replacement.

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Eaglelift sewer manhole rehabilitation

Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation

EagleLIFT provides sewer manhole rehabilitation and trenchless sewer repair utilizing polyurethane chemical grout injection

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