Arizona Foundation Repair and Sewer Repair

Nevada Foundation Repair and Sewer Repair

EagleLIFT provides the most comprehensive foundation repair and lifting services for the state of Arizona. We are specialized in handling the unique soils and geological conditions of Arizona. Wether in sandy soils, clay or in areas where saturated conditions are present.  Our combined solutions of the polymer injection process and foundation piers, provides our customers with a one-stop shop for making sure their foundations are repaired with the most cost-effective and reliable solutions available.

What is Foundation Underpinning and why is it important for Foundation Repair?

Foundation underpinning is a process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or structure. The approach to foundation underpinning is important, as you have to ensure all of the issues affecting your foundation are addressed. Because EagleLIFT offers both piering and our polymer injection process, we are able to ensure your foundation repair will protect it against future problems..

Our Services

EagleLIFT combines the powerful chemical grout polymer injection process with helical piles and helical piers to provide our customers with the most comprehensive foundation repair solutions in Arizona.  This is important because we can ensure that your foundation repair is the most effective, as well as the most cost-effective solution available.

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Public works managers and engineers have a challenge when it comes to ensuring sanitary and storm sewer systems are proactively maintained and operating as designed.

With shrinking budgets that tend to address new construction and upgrades opposed to maintenance and cost mitigation, managers have to often take a wait and respond approach. EagleLIFT helps managers by helping them address their existing systems at minimum costs by implementing trenchless sewer repair solutions.

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Whether your foundation is failing, you are renovating an aging structure, or natural events have caused your building to weaken or shift, EagleLIFT provides best-in-class structural reinforcement and foundation underpinning services. Our professionally trained foundation repair experts specialize in lifting and leveling foundations, preventing foundation settling, and stabilizing buildings of all sizes.

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EagleLIFT provides railroad and railroad ballast repar in California, Nevada and Arizona.  A Class “A” general contractor with over 20 years experience in providing repair and stabilization solutions for spolied and compromised railroad ballasts.  Utilizing the polymer injection process, we can revitalize existing railroad ballasts by binding the existing railroad base aggregate, thereby increasing its weight-bearing capacity and mitigating future settlement

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EagleLIFT has provided roadway lifting and stabilization services for municipalities and Department of Transportation ( DOT ) departments in California, Nevada and Arizona for the last 15 years.  We approach roadway repair through a unique approach for soil compaction and stabilization.

Poor base and subgrade soils can wreak havoc on a roadway, causing a variety of issues such as cracking, rutting and severe pavement settlement.

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At EagleLIFT, we work with our Residential customers on many different foundation issues. As soil shifts and becomes unstable, it can affect many areas of your home and property. Our residential services include:

  • Foundation Lifting
  • Foundation Leveling
  • Foundation Stabilization
  • Soil Densification

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