Providing foundation lifting for California, Arizona and Nevada

EagleLIFT, Incorporated is a Class A – General Engineering Contracting Company providing engineered solutions with innovative answers utilizing cutting edge technology equipment and creative solutions for concrete slab lifting, soil stabilization, soil densification, foundation lifting and infrastructure leak-sealing.


PROFILE: Advanced Foam for lift and support

Leading the industry in concrete lifting and soil stabilization, Uretek products apply advanced polymer technology to complex construction, structure, and surface oriented challenges.

This method offers quick, long lasting, non-intrusive advanced foundation repair solution. Our award winning advanced foundation repair solution has lifted and realigned thousands of home foundations over the past 20 years.  High-density, expanding polyurethane grout can be used in virtually every foundation repair application.


  • Eco-friendly process and materials meets today’s high environmental requirements
  • Low impact, non-destructive repair keeps asset value high
  • No loud jack-hammers and large amounts of dust and debris
  • Proven, stable, long-term solution supports value upon resigning tenant
  • Drastically reduce liability concerns surrounding trip hazards and building contractual obligations


PROFILE: Push Piers & Associated Products

Our Push Pier System permanently stabilizes your home’s foundation and offers the best opportunity to lift your home back to level without the expense and disruption of a full foundation replacement. If you’ve detected cracks, uneven floors, jamming doors or windows that stick, then you may be witnessing the signs of the settling foundation. Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE to ensure that you utilize the easiest and least invasive means of repairing your settling foundation.

Our Push Pier systems utilize high-strength steel pier sections that are hydraulically driven through heavy-duty steel foundation brackets to reach deep down to competent load-bearing strata. The piers have the ability to reach far below the problem soils and do not rely on friction for capacity. Used in both residential and commercial applications, pier installation can be completed year-round without the major disruption of other methods. These Piers effectively stabilize settling foundations and provide the best opportunity to lift your home back to a level position.

Push Pier systems are an easy, economical solution that will provide you with a long-lasting result. Manufactured with industrial-strength, galvanized steel, piers have a high resistance to corrosion with a 100+ design life in moderate soil conditions.


  • Can be installed year-round
  • Piers reach greater depth than other options
  • Long life span – galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion
  • Does not require the use of invasive equipment
  • In most cases can lift foundation back to level position
  • Restores Property Value

Chemical Grouting Applications

Polymer Injection Chemical Grouting Process

EagleLIFT is has specialized in Polymer Injection Chemical Grouting and Soil Stabilization for over 25 years in Arizona, California and Nevada.  Our Polymer Injection Process is a highly dynamic solution for foundation lifting, trenchless sewer repair, soil compaction and densification and soil stabilization.

The chemical grout and soil stabilization application is installed by injecting a high-density industrial grade polyurethane into the problem soils through 1/2″ metal tubes.  Once injected, the polymer moves throughout the soils in liquid form and then it reacts and begins to expand throughout the soil media, densifying and binding the treatment area.  The result is vastly increased weight-bearing capacity and of the soil that is protected from future settlement.

The chemical grouting polymers are hydro-insensitive, which means they can be injected in highly saturated environments. This means our polymers can be used for sewer repair and sealing, foundations where high groundwater is present, mucky or swampy environments, or for bulkheads or seawalls.

Our polymer Injection and soil stabilization process binds treated soils into a highly dense monolith that is protected against settlement.  The polymer is hydro-insensitive, meaning that it is unaffected by water. Additionally, the increased weight-bearing capacity of the soil mitigates the potential for weight shifting and vibration to move the soils away from the foundation.

The Polymer Injection Process additionally compliments other foundation repair solutions, such as helical piers, by ensugint the upper soil strata is compacted and binded, so the soils do not settle away from the anchors, nor the foundation.

Our chemical grout solution is ideal for lifting, stabilizing and/or realigning foundation slabs.  It is especially effective for void filling the upper strata soil layers of the foundation as well as lifting interior footings.

EagleLIFT’s polymer injection process is the ideal application for filling voids, soil compaction, soil densification, soil stabilization and improving the weight-bearing capacity of soil.

Once injected, the polymer moves throughout the soil in liquid form, aggressively seeking out voids and annular space in between the soil granules.  The polymer expands throughout the soil, densifying and binding the soil into light-weight monolith.  The soil’s weight bearing capacity is greatly improved and the chances of future settlement is greatly reduced.